The Return of the Blog!

The Return of the Blog!

Hello friends, family and internet humans, Ayana here. Announcing the revival of the Let’s Live Everywhere Blog. It has been some time since I have felt the desire to chronicle or write about our lives, and a lot has changed. Since we left in October of 2018 to live full time on the road we have lived many different versions of Buslife–from full time fun-employment, to working and traveling with a circus, to now owning and running multiple businesses out of our 90 square foot treehouse on wheels. It has been a journey. Throughout this journey we have done and seen so many things, and I guess now as we move forward it feels like the time to more thoroughly share those things with you.

When Andy was younger he took a job in Oregon and moved out of Virginia for the first time. Amidst the emotional turmoil of this first experience striking out on his own he made a promise to himself: that every day he would do something that he could write about. He went on hikes, visited museums, explored local food and drink, drove on beautiful highways, and above all else sought adventure daily. After over 2 years of being on the road full time this feels like a powerful commitment to make in 2023.

This year will be the year that we do something we can write about every. single. day. The beauty of this commitment is that you can write about perfectly ordinary things, and you can write about profound extraordinary happenings (sometimes those feel the same to me, but I digress). Either way we will be seeking more adventures in the surroundings we find ourselves in, and we will be writing more.

Both feel important. Both feel lifegiving.

So this is our commitment to you all in 2023. Once per week we will post a blog here. Perhaps we will be sharing some grand adventure from the past week with you, or maybe we will just be philosophically rambling about whatever finds its way into our brains in those 7 days. Either way we will be living more and sharing that with you. After all, that’s what this whole buslife thing is for us, a way to live more fully and share that with others. 

With love,
A & A

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