Below you will find what we consider to be the master list for your skoolie project. In the articles you will find the basics of every aspect of your build, from choosing the right vehicle to how to size your solar array, even how you ought to decorate it. More than that, this list lays out how you ought to think about the order of operations in your build.

We did not come into this as expert builders, but we have learned an immense amount during our conversion. In these documents you will find a plethora of knowledge gained through thousands of hours deep-dives into other available resources as well as our own trial and error. These documents won’t be all that you need, but they are some of the best out there, I guarantee you that.

So, have a look, and feel free to reach out to us via comments, the contact sheet, or our instagram if you have any questions. Good luck!

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Warm Up:
-Master Tool List
Our Appliances


VEHICLE – Decide which vehicle is right for you and buy it.

DESIGN – Basics of design. You really NEED to do this first.

DEMOLITION – For some rigs. Be smart about it.

WINDOWS, FANS, AND PLUMBING – Gotta put the holes in early. But make sure you plan well.

ELECTRICAL – Plan it. Wire it. If you want solar, go ahead and work that in too.

SOLAR – If you’re doing it, do it now.

INSULATION – Spray that foam, baby! But make sure you’re 100% ready.

PANELING – Walls and ceiling–make it nice.

FURNITURE – Yikes, this stuff is important.

PAINTING – If you wanna. Do it when it is warm and dry and you’re done putting holes in your rig.

FLOORING – Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

ELECTRIC FINISHES – Finish the wiring and get those appliances in.

WOOD FINISHES – Get it all spiffy.

DECORATION – Make your new pad insta-worthy

GET RID OF YOUR SHIT – Minimize and move on in.

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